Frequently Asked Questions

No. Discussion prompts in the kits are open-ended and can be tailored to each family and their beliefs.
Do bible sensory kits lean towards a specific denomination?
Because instead of buying a kit for each child, you simply buy one kit ($25) and a craft add-on ($5) for each additional child. For example, if you have three children, your total cost would be $35 (kit + add-on + add-on) as opposed to buying three separate kits for $75.
How are bible sensory kits affordable for families?
No. Only complete kits are available for purchase.
Can I purchase just the sensory part? No crafts or parent guide?
Both. The kit is not intended for only play. Though that is a bonus! To get the most out of the kit, parents are to instruct their children and be involved.
Do parents need to instruct children or is independent play encouraged?
Prayerfully, yes! As this business continues to grow my goal is to release new kits monthly.
Will more Bible Sensory Kits be released?